Outlook Folder Home Pages no longer work

Outlook ‘Folder Home Pages’ are probably not a well known feature of Outlook, but to those who took advantage of them, they are an easy way of showing information in Outlook that otherwise could not be shown. In October 2017, users found that after installing Microsoft’s October Public Update, folder […]

EWS Two Factor Authentication

Exchange Web Services and Two Factor Authentication

We have several products and solutions built on Exchange Web Services (EWS). One of my customers contacted me today to say that their synchronisation was no longer working. We quickly ascertained that when the service tried to access Exchange using EWS – the credentials which had worked previously now resulted […]


Integrating your SAAS product with Outlook Calendar

A common requirement for SAAS (Software as a Service) product owners is to synchronise the Calendar in the web based SAAS tool with their client’s Outlook calendar. There are two options to do this: Create an Outlook plugin which can be installed on the client’s PC. Create a software service […]

Four Technologies SAAS Companies must consider when Integrating with Outlook and Office 365

The four technologies SAAS Companies must consider when Integrating with Office 365 and Outlook

Sooner of later most SAAS applications find they need to integrate with Microsoft’s ecosystem to satisfy their customer’s needs. This post looks at the four technologies which are available to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365, and starts to examine when each might be used. Outlook plugins Outlook […]

Outlook for Mac

What can Outlook-for-Mac add-ins do?

Outlook 2016 for Mac has been able to install add-ins since late 2016, and they are proving to be a welcome addition. Previously missing from Outlook for Mac, add-ins now makes Outlook a more competitive option for users who are looking for more than just email from their email client; […]