How to upload large email attachments to a CRM system

We recently came across a situation where an Outlook plugin we had built for a SAAS customer started reporting ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ errors during the synchronisation routine.  The plugin was uploading emails and attachments to the SAAS CRM system via an API, which isn’t an unusual scenario for the systems we build, […]

Using Auth0 integration with an Outlook plugin

Using Auth0 Integration with an Outlook Plugin

Davton have implemented a number of different authentication mechanisms as part of our work integrating SAAS applications with Outlook and Office 365, including oAuth, oAuth2, single sign on using federated Active Directory, and simple username and password. Recently we were asked by a customer to use a third party service […]


Web browser control in .net

I recently needed to use a webbrowser control with an Outlook plugin – in order to display information hosted in a web application. The big problem is that by default, the .Net browser control emulates Internet Explorer 7. This is a big issue for web developers who want to create […]