1-Way Synchronization (Free Version)

Great program. I had been using an old Microsoft add-in. Your program is 100 times better. Wish I looked for it earlier.

Robert Alexander

Davton’s ContactSync is a free of charge tool which will synchronise contacts in one contact folder to another. It is designed to synchronise contacts from a shared Microsoft Outlook ‘Public Folder’ to a personal folder – so that the contacts can be synchronised to a smart-phone using ActiveSync.

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Contact Synchroniser

It is a one way synchronization – changes made in the local folder or on the PDA will not be reflected back to the Public folder.

The synchroniser can filter the contacts it copies to your local folder, based on a categories. So for example if you just want the contacts with category ‘Customer’ to be moved to your local folder, Davton’s ContactSync can handle this. (For more complex filtering requirements you will need to contact us about creating a custom version of the tool).

Configuration of synchronising folders

Davton’s ContactSync uses the standard Outlook contact field ‘Government ID Number’ to track information. If you have information in this field, it will be overwritten (but only in the copied local contacts). If you need information in this field you should contact us for a custom version.