Davton Desktop Sync Tools – End of Life

SyncManager, DavSync – End of Life

Davton desktop sync products –  ContactSync, SyncManager, and DavSync are no longer being sold by Davton. They are based on old technology and would require to be completely re-writen in order to function with the latest versions of Windows and Outlook. Davton have therefore decided to finish selling these products.

License request

If you need to replace an existing licence and the licence request does not work, please log a support request here:  support.davton.com


In the mean time if you already have a licence for one of the above products and need to download the software again, the links are provided below.

Announcing: Corporate-Sync


Synchronisation which runs in the cloud.

Davton is currently working on a Software as a Service replacement for the desktop sync products called Corporate-Sync. You can find out more about this at www.corporate-sync.com.