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View and Subscribe contacts to MailChimp from your Outlook inbox.

My name is David Tongeman, and thousands of people use my MailChimp Plugin for Outlook Desktop. Now we have created an Office 365 add-in which will let you view and subscribe contacts from your Outlook inbox…

Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web Version, and Outlook for Android and iPhone

…in Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web Version, and Outlook for Android and iPhone, as well as your Outlook for Windows Desktop. (*Subject to some minimum version levels – and you need to be using Office 365 for your email).

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Check contacts as you read emails

While reading emails, click the ChimpView icon to open the ChimpView interface.

Email View

You will see immediately which of your MailChimp lists the sender is subscribed to. 

Clicked Email View

Subscribe contacts as you read emails

If your contact wishes to be included on your list you can subscribe them straight away. If you have additional fields which need to be filled in, you can enter the information as part of the subscription process.  


*Please remember that you must comply with all relevant regulations when subscribing people to your lists. In most cases you must use the double-opt-in process which ensures that the contact receives an email and confirms that they wish to be included on your list.

Simple Installation

To install the add-in:

  1. Select the Store option in your Outlook.
  2. Select the option ‘Click here to add a custom add-in’
  3. Select ‘Add from URL’
  4. Paste the following URL into the textbox:

Finally accept the notifications and select ‘OK’.

Chimp-View will show up in your Outlook straight away as soon as you select a new email.

Note that add-ins are installed to the Mailbox – not to a specific Outlook installation. This means if you use a PC and an Apple Computer,  and also have Outlook installed on your phone, you only need to install Chimp-View once for it to show up in all compatible Outlook clients for that mailbox/account.

* In order for Outlook add-ins to work,  you must be using Exchange 2013 or higher, or Office 365 as your Email server.


Subscription Options

Monthly subscription costs:

  • 1 user  £5  / €5.5 / $6   per month.
  • 3 user  £10  / €11 / $12   per month.
  • 6 user  £15  / €17 / $19   per month.
  • 12 user  £30  / €33/ $35   per month.

Click here to purchase a subscription through our eCommerce provider.